Aviation Medicine

The FAA has mandated the physical and psychological standards that must be met prior to granting an FAA medical certificate for individuals acting as pilot in command or serving as required crew members of any type of aircraft, including student pilots.   

A pilot must meet minimum safety standards in terms of physical and mental condition as determined by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Dr. Dillon has many years experience as both a pilot and flight surgeon and understands the needs of Pilots and the regulatory environment they work under.  

She has been performing FAA Medical Exams in Colorado since 2000 and became a Senior FAA Examiner in 2005. Dr. Dillon is also an FAA HIMS (Human Intervention Motovation Study) AME.

Airmen: Before your aviation medical exam, please make sure you have filled out FAA Form 8500-8 at FAA MedXpress.

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