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The FAA has mandated the physical and psychological standards that must be met prior to granting an FAA medical certificate to individuals acting as pilot in command or serving as required crew members of any type of aircraft. The same standards apply to student pilots as well. Pilots and crew must meet minimum safety standards in terms of physical and mental condition as determined by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). To get and maintain an FAA Medical certificate, you must undergo periodic examintations by an FAA certified Aviation Medical Examiner (AME). Commercial Airline Pilots require a first class medical performed by a Senior AME, while other classes of medicals may be performed by any AME. Pilots under the Human Intervention and Motivation Study (HIMS) program must see a HIMS certified AME

Dr. Dillon has many years experience as both a pilot and flight surgeon and understands the needs of Pilots and the regulatory environment in which they work. She has been performing FAA Medical Exams in Colorado since 2000 and became a Senior FAA Examiner in 2005. She is currently one of about 50 AMEs, one of about 30 Senior AMEs and one of about 5 HIMS AMEs currently practicing in Colorado.

Airmen: Before your aviation medical exam, please make sure you have filled out FAA Form 8500-8 at FAA MedXpress.  

Aviation Medicine

FAA Medicals

We perform all classes (First, Second, and Third) of FAA medicals, including special issuance medicals, and HIMS medicals and monitoring.

First and second class medicals are commercial level.  Third class medicals are private or recreational level.

Lead time for scheduling is generally one to two weeks.

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Aviation Health

If you have a medical issue that you are concerned might affect your ability to obtain or maintain an FAA medical certification it may be helpful to have an AME consultation prior to starting the application process or prior to obtaining certain treatments or prescriptions.  

A consultation with an AME can prepare you in advance, or help you chose treatments or prescriptions that will not impact your medical certification.

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HIMS Program

This very successful program is designed to return pilots to the cockpit after a diagnosis of substance abuse or dependence or with certain mental health issues. Careful evaluation and monitoring are required, but many pilots have resumed flying once treated and stable.

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